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Last updated on October 23rd, 2018


Contact & Staff


OOC Core Staff


Player Owner Estate
Builder Recruitment

Violetta Daviau X         X X

OOC Administrators
Angela Artful   X X       X
Burn Afterthought     X       X
Crash Afterthought     X       X

Lead Gamemasters
Amara Parmele         X   X
Sohbian Lethecus         X   X

Shayariel Tigerpaw   X       X X


OOC Core Staff Role Descriptions


    • Staff faces expectations.
      All staff members of iRP/AC face certain expectations put in them. These include, but are not limited to:
      - Topics brought up by players are to be handled in a very cool-headed, mature, professional and fair way.
      - The vision, rules & setting of iRP/AC have to be fully accepted, understood and adhered to.
    • The following OOC Core Staff roles exist.
      Core Staff members are members of the group "iRoleplay - Staff". The following Core Staff roles exist (and will be filled as needed):
      • Lead Gamemasters (LGMs).
        LGMs run IC events for the sim community, either for all, several or single groups, or even single players. For this they control the environment (climate, etc.), Non-Player-Character(s) ("NPC") of any required type and background. Players can contact LGMs with suggestions of or requests for events - be aware that LGMs though work hard and try to distribute their attention fairly among the community.
      • OOC Moderators.
        OOC Moderators are the first contact to help players who have questions or suggestions about vision, rules or lore of the sim. Also in case of disputes about sim related topics such as rules, vision or lore moderators are the first escalation level, and they are the ones who can rule an outcome or, should not solution fair and acceptable to all be found, escalate the topic to the OOC Administrators.
      • OOC Administrators.
        The OOC Administrators of iRP/AC handle sim and community security (e.g. fighting griefers), as well as sim story evolution related topics. They are the second level of escalation for and have the final word on all OOC disputes, suggestions and questions regarding rules, vision and settings of the sim.
        They will not moderate single OOC and not sim related disputes between players (e.g. you flirted with my OOC partner, you sexed my GF/BF IC, you did something bad to me OOC, etc.) unless those become harmful to the entire community. It is expected that players can handle their OOC disputes on their own, maturely and without causing damage to the sim community.
      • Estate Managers.
        "Estate Manager" is a technical addition to the role of OOC Administrators. This addition allows them higher sim maintenance and security methods, like to restart the sim. OOC Administrators with this role addition are Not a "boss" of other OOC Administrators or similar.
      • Sim Owner.
        The Owner of iRP/AC handles sim financial topics, sim and community security (e.g. fighting griefers), the build and the website of the sim, as well as the vision, rules and settings of the sim. The Sim Owner is the last level of escalation (e.g. in case of complaints about Staff members), so please do not go to her first - you are not the only one trying. The sim owner has the utmost last word on topics such as questions, disputes or suggestions of rules, vision or settings of the sim, but that word may also be a "no" or a "not yet".