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Setting of iRP/AC

Last updated on September 23rd, 2018




Seattle and surroundingsOn iRP/AC certain factions are preset for players, yet only in terms of camps, camp names and SL groups attached to the camps. These factions are not described though in terms of how they are named, how they work or what they shall do, how they shall behave, or if they are goodies or badies. It depends on players to decide what they make of their faction, if the factions are goodies or badies, etc.. For example the group could be named "The Salvagers" and claim Rocktop as their home. The group titles will be adjusted accordingly by the OOC Administrators for the players. While there won't be more factions, neither player made nor getting new campspots, players are not forced to join any of those factions either. They can as well stay independent wanderers, which though can be risky for them, as groups of people usually do not trust outsiders, just as single people neither trust others often.


New Seatown in the ruins of Seattle


Description & Background

Before the apocalypse Seattle was a seaport city on the west coast of the United States, the seat of King County, Washington. Seattle was the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America, it had, according to U.S. Census data released in 2018, one year before it all happened, a population of about 3.87 million residents. The city is situated on an isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington. It was a major gateway for trade with Asia, and had the fourth-largest port in North America in terms of container handling.

Seattle was bombed by biological virus bombs very in early 2019, and was struck by several tactical nuclear missles of the enemy, aimed to destroy the military facilities of the US Army, the US Navy and the National Guard. Later on the US airforce fired tactical missles at Seattle to eradicate huge gatherings of infected. It all caused about all fresh water of the area to be contaminated for millenia to come, but also a far lower density of infected roaming about.

None of that though managed to kill all life of Seattle, and some of the survivors, as well as some returning people or ones to travel there in search of scavengable goods, formed a settlement, calling it "New Seatown". Lacking the skills and tools of professional architects and construction workers, they managed to pull up a settlement made of scrap and makeshift housing. They established crude basic trading with people around, but were never safe from raiders, and it is said that also the people of New Seatown left others in peace.



1. Vision: ((Seattle and, in its center, New Seaport is envisioned to cater the players who enjoy more the wasteland based themes of media like the Mad Max movie series, yet minus the Australian desert wastelands. Inhabitants are hence suggested to keep this theme by e.g. using apparel made of scrap based armor parts, dirty, torn and not too much covering clothing, and other signs of wasteland punks and raiders. New Seatown is a trading hub))

2. Trade: ((New Seatown, being in the ruins of a big city, holds the biggest supplies, and also makeshift crafting facilities for weapons, ammunition and gasoline. Medications are scarce, but enough to at least support the people living there on a constant base. It clearly lacks clean, purified water - fresh water is about all nuclear contaminated - and sufficient food supplies.))


Rocktop in the coutryside


Description & Background

The countryside, or meanwhile the forest, south of Seattle is where another part of our story takes place. Located about 60 miles south of Seattle, 2 miles east of Lake Kapowsin and west of the Mt Rainier National Park, the main village is flooded by infected to a degree that any approach is suicide. Yet a small settlement is still relatively safe to enter: the Elkhorn Community. This community is no more than a scavenge area anymore, abandoned long ago, infested by some few infected, but nearby a few relatively new settlements have established. The countryside was not hit much by nuclear warheads, yet one or another stray bomb containing the biological virus within spores had exploded here. So it can well happen to face infected or outright spore distributing mushrooms. Life is not safe here either and the wandering survivors face the infected as well as living enemies who seek to defend or enhance their few scraps of possession.

One of these settlements is Rocktop, a fort on a hill top, originated by a bunch of woodworkers who created and fortified a place against the hordes of infected roaming the lands. They got their hands on a water purification machine, and used that to clean a small fresh water fountain ever since. Also a small mechanics shack and a makeshift hospital shall be in this camp.



1. Vision:
((Rocktop: Rocktop is envisioned as a midsized camp for a single group. It is inspired by the camps of an upcoming game called "Days Gone". Inhabitants are suggested to dress in firm, yet torn/dirty outfits that are practical and covering, both to stand through the climate, the wilderness and possible attacks by infected.))

2. Trade:
((Rocktop: The main tradegood of Rocktop is clean, purified water, as well as fresh food of several sorts, of which they hold the best quality - and quantity - in hundrets of miles around. Gasoline to run the energy generators, medications, weapons and ammunition needs to be aquired urgently and constantly.))