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Rules of iRP/AC

Last updated on August 15th, 2018


IC Rules


Here you find the long version of the IC rules, aimed to be more explaining than the ingame Notecard version.

These rules are meant to be IC "laws" or "guidelines" for player characters inworld, yet also as a roleplay guide for the players themselves: While a character does not need to know these rules, nor is forced to follow them, breaking them as a player by letting the own character ignore them totally, both for their own actions / play style as what that means to others around them, very likely breaks the roleplay immersion of the survival in the post apocalyptic world for the others.
So, for example, a character that has all items, all skills permanently at their disposal or in their backpack when they need it, no matter how implausible, destroys the core of the post apocalyptic theme and with that eventually the roleplay of others who might let their characters actually feel and suffer from the lack of things and skills.

Players committing such immersion breaks should prepare to be ignored by others in future! If RP disputes lead to the call for an OOC Administrator and if no OOC rule is seen as being broken by a party involved into the dispute, the OOC Administrator Will always decide in favor of those who played more realistic!



Chester William's Apocalypse Survival Guide ~ a.k.a. Caesar's Guide


    • 1. TRUST.
      People change in disastrous times, and usually to the worse. No one is how they seem, everyone cares for their very own surviving and benefits most. Do not trust anyone! Be on guard! Don’t turn your back on anyone nor group up with anyone, unless you’re sure that they will watch it for you. If people explicitly proof to be trustworthy for you, group up and never go alone anymore, take at least one of your comrades with you even if you go around the next tree to take a piss. And do not forget that the ones whom you might trust today, might let you down or outright betray you tomorrow.
    • 2. SCAVENGE.
      Only take what you need when scavenging, do not burden yourself. Walk lightly as you may need to run, fast and for long times. Start distinguishing between needs and wants on a serious basis, as there will be little need for wants and much more want for needs. Stuff is rare nowadays, partly even near non-existing anymore, so do not invest too much time finding what might not be there. Aim to stock up on foods, weapons, medicine, outdoor clothing and fuel as you can. Also try to have a back up for everything, generators, batteries, weapons, ammunition, food, escape routes, vehicles, leaders and so on.
    • 3. EQUIPMENT.
      Never go without a weapon. If nothing better is available, a metal pole, a stick, even a big rock can do the trick. Anything you can find will that will help you defend yourself. And make sure that what you hit once is really dead. You will not believe how far even legless Creepers can creep in a few days and nights, and suddenly they bite you taking a piss behind a tree, 100 miles away from where you left them. But still walk lightly, even if you have hundred guns on you, you won't have the time to fire them off and kill each infected out of a herd that approaches you even only by one meter per second.
      Assemble a good attire. Avoid brain spray-back by wearing goggles and covering your face with a non-porous material. Avoid inhaling spores by using full-face gasmasks or secure combos of breathers and goggles, and keep your scratches patched securely. Use plate mail or leather to create a bite-proof body suit. Kevlar gloves can be worn as is or refashioned into impenetrable sleeves, allowing you to fend off zombie bites by holding up your forearms. Get hold of some sturdy boots that will last, as well as some trail shoes built for speed, because you’re going to be doing an awful lot of running.

    • 4. HEROISM.
      Don't Be A Hero - Possibly the most important rule of all. Don't risk your own life just to make yourself look good. Attachments are dangerous, so make sure they are well worth risking your life for, because you very well may have to one day. Do not go for people, as any man who falls behind is left behind. And do not pillage if it is risky - your life is more important than a single can of peaches. Remember the "Survival Rules of 3": You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless in icy water), you can survive for 3 Days without water (if sheltered from a harsh environment), you can survive for 3 Weeks without food (if you have water and shelter).
    • 5. CAUTION.
      Know your surroundings, and always have a backup plan and exit strat. If any possible check the areas you enter, the rooms, the houses or the vehicles. Check the unbarred windows as they do not hold an infected long from breaking through or a sniper to shoot you. Remember that just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Always assume your being hunted, technically you are.
    • 6. SELF-CARE.
      Germs will be an even bigger problem in an apocalypse, also, in contaminated areas, radiating dust or spores. Personal hygiene is important even if soap and alike is extremely rare, and not easy to craft oneself. Do what you can to keep up a basic level of hygiene at least. Keep a full-face covering gasmask always at hand, and make sure all wounds, even the smallest cuts and scrapes, are securely covered at all times. Now these two are for the ladies. First: The things you need will be hard to find. Be prepared to improvise and suffer through. And second: Fucking is nice at times, but remember that due to the absence of contraceptives, it will be you to grow a belly. Contraceptives are long gone since the last one was manufactured 25 years ago. So be strong and smart.




    The following paragraphs are written a bit drastic, exaggerated, partly with sarcasm and tongue in cheek - not to offend you but to be easier to remember. Nevertheless they come from bad, immersion and theme breaking experiences with other players in prior post apocalyptic and other themed roleplay sims, both on iRoleplay and other sims.


    • @1. TRUST.
      Humans are fucking opportunistic, yes, they are, we all are, and even more if our lives and survival depends on it. In Post Apocalyptic times that is extreme. Humans will literally backstab each other over a half energized battery they can use even only as backup for their flashlight, so consider what they do when they are hungry and you wave a squirrel ham and crow eggs sandwich in front of their noses. Why? Because backstabbing you is quicker and less risky than to put up low success chance traps themselves. Also it is quicker and less risky than trying to scavenge an area in which others have scavenged already for 25 years, where only deadly infected and zombies are left neither of which will willingly turn their backs on them once spotted. And even if getting past those, then also finding the battery by sheer luck, there still can be waylayers on their way home who use a bullet to pull that battery out of your cramped hands, stealing your boots while at it, with your brain splashed all over.
      So please do not ignore that. There are even players who are pissed off, and rightfully so, if they knock at the gate and you are all smiling and welcoming them, inviting them to some coffee and steak with tatoes, a shower and maybe a fuck. That is just not the Apocalypse, it is not even today's RL. Take the risk of defending your home, enjoy the time a distrust based dispute lasts, even if there's no tea nor a hot blanket adventure afterwards. The price of going for an easy increase of emote count and selfdisplay time is a huge dent in the immersion, fun and experience of the post apocalyptic theme. Give them tasks instead, witty challenges to proof they are trustworthy - and if they are carelessly friendly, pillage their food, water and ammo from their knocked out bodies yourself: Remember: their sharpened hatchet, five bullets and pre-apocalypse honey glass look a damn lot better in your hands than in their backpacks.
    • @2. SCAVENGE.
      The area you're in has been visited by a few scavengers for 25 years now. That means that all the obviously useful items are most likely gone. So an "Uups, oh look, a tin can of peaches, four rifle bullets and a canteen of freshwater are in the locker" is not very likely to be in just the next random abandoned house's kitchen locker. Fail on your scavenge runs as well now and then, find nothing, or if you have to then find trash that needs to be repaired before being any useful even for trades. Else you will not experience the post apocalypse. Have you ever been at home, in a remote part of a settlement, no restaurant or gasstation close, with the fridge empty and the car or bike broken, and hungry? Then you know how the Apocalypse feels daily and for everyone. The next can of beans just does not lay hidden in your garden, and breaking into your neighbour's flat might lead to bad results.
      Also, all that you find you need to carry. Carrying a lot - even if not knowing it as you invent it not before meeting the next trader - means that it will weight you down. Being weighted down you are slow, maybe slower than the next NPC Runner zombie or PC waylayer around the next corner. Especially the last cannot be oneshotted by you, and while you can godmode oneshot a hostile NPC zombie without anyone complaining if you like it that riskless, even being bratty long enough to a waylayer who captured you can get you killed (if your life as hostage is not more important for them). That is not bad roleplay on his side, rather on your side as you do not take the situation and with that the other player's character serious. They have the same right as you have to be "a hero"... funny how logic tells that if everyone is a hero, all are the same normal persons, no?
    • @3. EQUIPMENT.
      Stay realistic about the NPC infected or zombies you create for your and others' roleplay. Usually when you find them, and they find you, they are already within 5 meters range. Assuming that the Walkers go one meter per second that is five seconds until they hug and try to "kiss" (read: bite) you. You need a few seconds to draw, load, unlock your gun, aim and shoot - and that means by the time you did a perfect brainshot on a first infected, the second will be in melee range. God beware there might be three, five or even ten of them, right? And not every attack would nor should result in a perfect hit - that would be unrealistic in such a stressy situation.
      What the guide suggests is one possible assembly for apparel, it does not mean you have to start with all of that, or find each part at once - and even if you do find such, you are still not 100% safe. Not even in a full bomb squad suit you would be safe: You would be toppled and loaded by so many Walkers trying in vain to bite you through that armor that you would starve to death under the pile. And running away from Waylayers or Runners in such a heavy armor is not possible either.
    • @4. HEROISM.
      We are all the heroes of our Secondlife and the story about our character's journey. For some that may be to appear like the usually cool main protagonist of some media, Vim Diesel, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Conan, Batman, Rick Grimes. For others the definition of their joy type of hero equals rather the helpful, cute and weak or even outright submissive background people who shine a bit by suffering from how the world treats them or because they suffer for others. That is known, that is fully ok. Yet even if iRP/AC is not aiming at your character to die every third day with you having to create a new one, please play at least as if that could happen - as it still actually can happen... even if the other players try to prevent having to kill you unless you force them with your IC behavior.
      If you do not take any threat any serious (displayed by your emotes) because "it only happens to your character and not your RL self", or because "you as player consider killing, being killed by another player's character or an NPC even bad roleplay style", your attitude has two names: "Metagaming" and "Bad Roleplay Style". Why so? A) Your character acts based on something he/she does not know but what you as player know (definition of Metagaming), and B) if you are in a direly bad and dangerous situation, the acting IC as if there would be no risk/threat takes out all the danger from the theme, breaking a core of the theme. Example 1: being bratty to a villain captor while hiding behind "killing is bad RP" forces the other to ridicule their character by putting out hollow threats (he WOULD normally kill you without blinking an eye as your life is worth less than a can of peaches to him, and maybe he had tried ten other ways to convince you to betray your friends by spoiling secret information). Example 2: If seemingly a horde of 5 zombies block your way from taking the can of peaches you need to solve a quest, going just "*PAM,PAM,PAM,PAM,PAM, five brainshots out of the hip, all dead*" does not pay tribute to the scene and theme, maybe not even to the efforts the Gamemaster brings up to do an event for you, it just displays you as immature player who cannot think of any other solution and ridicules the danger of the post apocalyptic environment. Yet, surely feel free to toss yourself into the line of fire... or teeth... for another character, but consider that your skin is no more bite-proof than their's, and you might end up bitten.
    • @5. CAUTION.
      iRP/AC does not place many mesh zombies or zombie spawners, both for lag and land impact reasons as well as to not block too many areas of the sim for players roleplaying also other things than to kill zombies every few minutes or as soon as they enter said areas. The appearing of infected or zombies hence depends usually fully on your and your roleplay partner's imagination, you include them into your emotes, or not.
      For the realism of the theme though it is recommended that you do not fully neglect the risk of infected or walkers appearing, and even more not only single ones now and then, but maybe entire herds of five, ten or even far more of them. And they may be not only coming once you entered a safe shelter, they could already await you inside, or break through unbarred windows while you rejoice having found a can of peaches. Remember: Only because they are not prim-represented does not mean they aren't there. And in the end you might manage to create a lot of roleplay, not only for yourself, or yourself and your roleplay partner, but even for entire groups or the entire sim.
    • @6. SELF-CARE.
      In post apocalyptic times there are not many working showers, and bathing in the next river might leave you exposed naked and without weapons to a bunch of infected, zombies or raiders. Neither are there many clean clothes left to scavenge and change, and water is more precious for drinking often than to pullute it by washing clothes. The Biter blood that sprays on your cute pastel colored top or shining USA flag patterned pants might soil it for good. There is no textile industry anymore either, nor enough seamstresses with clean non-makeshift supplies to create a new shirt for you. That is the reality of a post apocalyptic world.
      This all means that there needs to be a compromise between cleaning oneself and wandering dust and mud covered and stinking. Most soap is used up, and least people know how to make them - and even if they know, the deadly risk to acquire the input resources outweights the benefit by large margin, e.g. to get fat from a dead, etc.. The same counts for your clothes. The two things to keep clean and intact likely, even beyond makeup on the face or a well groomed hipster beard, are to clean and bandage your wounds, and to keep your weapons operational - and that alone takes quite a lot of IC time, FTB'ed or not. Remember: Just because you FTB certain "chores" does not mean you have a full 24h a day to do other stuff, FTB is just a fast forward or jump episode button.