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Rules of iRP/AC

Last updated on December 10th, 2018


General OOC Rules


Here you find the long version of the sim rules of iRoleplay / Apocalypse Chronicles (short: "iRP/AC"), aimed to be more explaining. A short version of the rules is handed out in form of Notecard within the game on sim at the landing hub. Reading, understanding and adhering to the rules is mandatory to roleplay on the sim - ignorance is not an excuse for breaking them. The last word, as usual, is reserved to OOC Administrators.


Legal & Out-Of-Character Rules


    • iRP/AC is a non-profit Second Life community for adult players. SL ToS & other laws are to be adhered to.
      iRP/AC is a non-profit roleplay community within Second Life ("SL"). iRP/AC is not affiliated with nor sponsored by Linden Lab / Linden Research Inc nor any other company providing post apocalypse media or content. All players on iRP/AC must be of full age in Real Life ("RL"). The owner and staff of iRP/AC do not take responsibility to acts done by players including, but not limited to, content theft, pedophilia, breaking of the SL TOS, OOC griefing or concealment of a player's state of being under age. Players found guilty of such will be banned without discussion.
    • Adult content of IC violent and/or IC sexual nature will occur on iRP/AC.
      iRP/AC is an adult rated sim. Although sex, battle and violence are not the sim's main focus, display of violent and/or sexual In Character ("IC") scenes can happen without warning - to each player's character and at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or psychological torture, dismemberment, death, rape, impregnation, domination, enslavement and similar. By playing on iRP/AC players hence automatically consent Out-Of-Character ("OOC") to witness such scenes and even have them committed against their own characters - with the possibility of FTB (see below).
    • Public advertising & recruiting is reserved to OOC Administrators of iRP/AC.
      Any public advertising and recruiting in SL groups or other media (except members' own Flickr picture accounts or similar) is reserved to be done by the official iRP/AC staff. While members may of course tell their friends if they like the roleplay on iRP/AC, this may not be done as general advertising in public or other sim affiliated groups, forums or other media. Players found conducting such "poaching" on other sims' member base will be warned and, on repeated activity, banned from all iRP/AC groups as well as the sim - just as the ones found poaching on iRP/AC.
    • Metagaming, Powergaming, Godmodding, Griefing, Trolling & repeated and/or severe Rule Breaking are bannable offenses.
      Should a player be found constantly and/or repeatedly and/or severely causing disputes between players, harass/offend members including the staff, as well as commit severe roleplay disturbance like Metagaming, Powergaming, Godmodding, Griefing or Rule Breaking, the player will be warned or, depending on the severity, banned. Players found comitting other technical or non technical ways of cheating, outright trolling or griefing will be banned at once and without a warning if needed.

    Character Rules, Dress Code & Gear Rules


    • All IC characters on iRP/AC must be adult humans (no minors, no other races).
      The only playable race on iRP/AC is humans who are older than 18 years and not infected to a state of the virus turning them non-sentient. This must be reflected in any written about a character, the roleplay and the looks of the character.
      Clearly not allowed as playable races are e.g. robots, demons, furries, nekos or other anime looking humanoids, hybrids, elves, splicers, animals, non-sentient Infected, zombies, as well as any other non-human race, etc..
    • Mutations, body augments & artificial body parts are allowed but strictly ruled on iRP/AC.
      Mutations are only allowed if the mutation makes a character look abnormal and sick due to radiation, e.g. with tumors/ulcers and/or heavily deformed, i.e. any mutation that can occur is a heavily disabling and/or detrimental mutation, never anything beneficial.
      Body augments or artificial replacement parts of the body can neither be any kind of physical improvement to a character's skills or abilities. They must not be based on any high tech, steampunk or likewise, but purely makeshift mechanic at best. Basically an artificial body part may be at max 50% as useful as the normal body part, and it must be possible to be mechanically created with the scarce possibilities of a post apocalyptic world.
    • Characters & groups on iRP/AC may not resemble nor be related to protagonists from copyrighted media.
      No character, in name, background or looks may directly reflect or be IC related to a character from copyrighted lore, e.g. Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, Aunty Entity, Rick Grimes, Negan, Michonne, Alice, Jill Valentine, Mr. House, Nick Valentine, Conan, King Arthur, Drizzt, Batman, Harley Quinn, Clark Kent, James Bond, Jon Snow, Stannis Baratheon, Tarl, etc.. It does not matter if that media/lore is belonging to the Post Apocalypse theme and universe or another.
      The same counts for groups appearing in likewise media./lore, e.g. Saviors, Alexandria, Vuvalini, The Lost Tribe, Rock Riders, Smokers, Avengers, House Tyrell, House Baratheon, Brotherhood of Steel, Children of Atom, etc., as well as for RL existing celebrities, higher ranked politicians and other political, economical and historical RL prominents.
    • Skills & pre-apocalypse knowledge is only available to characters far beyond the IC age of 30.
      The apocalypse happened round about 25 years before today's IC time on iRP/AC. This means that a character might be born even after the apocalypse, and hence will likely not know how life has been before, including smartphones, TV, internet, luxury dining, professional jobtrainings oder studies, and much, much more.
      To have general pre-apocalypse knowledge, a character must be born before the apocalypse, i.e. be IC at least 30 years old. To have a professional pre-apocalypse jobtraining And experience in that job at all, a character must be IC at least 45 to 50 years old (25 + 18 years minimum age + 2 to 7 years job training/studies and hands-on work experience).
      This age must be reflected by the avatar's looks. Else the players must display their character's skills as limited to basics or non-existing.
    • Dress code on iRP/AC has to match the post-apocalyptic theme, i.e. dirty/bloody, ripped, makeshift, etc..
      The apparel of a character is summarized under dress code in iRP/AC, no matter if a character is naked, wears swimwear/underwear, basic covering clothing, sturdy leather or scrap components as armor. The type of clothing intended to be used needs to be visualized by actually worn outfit.
      Characters can use any outfit or armor their players like and consider plausible for their characters from the start - as long as it is suiting to the post apocalyptic world of the sim. This means: grungy, makeshift, torn, dirty, eventually bloodstained (at least 3 out of those 5 criteria need to be met). Anime outfits are not permitted. If you want to know if your apparel is ok for the sim, orientate yourself to media like "The Walking Dead", "The Last Of Us", or also "Mad Max", "Waterworld" or "Book of Eli", or ask an OOC Administrator.
      The choice of armor makes no difference in battle. IC being naked to being heavily armored is translated as either a character's skill to dodge or evade a hit, or to block or deflect a hit with their armor.
      More details can be found in the faction descriptions of the different areas of the sim.
    • Weaponry on iRP/AC has to match the post-apocalyptic theme, i.e. modern low-tech, makeshift, etc..
      All equipped weapons must be shown as avatar attachment or titler info line. Characters can use any weapon their players like and consider plausible for their characters from the start, as long as it is suiting to the post apocalyptic world of the sim. This means modern day weapons or tools can be used as weapons. Ammunition is to be considered scarce, rare and precious - the more the more powerful a weapon is (e.g. with a bazooka you will have likely have at max 1 shot per day or week).
      SciFi weapons like laser guns, but also other high tech weapons, are not allowed. If you want to know if your weapon is ok for the sim, orientate yourself to media like "The Walking Dead", "The Last Of Us", or also "Mad Max", "Waterworld" or "Book of Eli", or ask an OOC Administrator.
      The choice of weapon makes no difference in battle other than eventually its IC range.
    • Special Gear: Communication devices and Geiger Counters are restricted and follow special rules.
      Certain gear and equipment get special rules, are restricted or are forbidden in iRP/AC. The reason for that is that they are often used to gain unfair IC advantages compared to other, usually more theme realism including players, to prevent IC consequences, to exploit rules, or even to outright cheat. We are aware that some players do know how to use such items in a fair and theme & scene atmosphere enhancing way, but the count of the abuse of these items is usually higher. These items are: ...
      • Walkie-Talkies & similar means of telecommunication.
        Walkie-Talkies or similar means of tools that allow bi- or multilateral communication (sending and reveiving in one), or the combination of a sheer sender and sheer receiver are allowed on iRP/AC under one condition: The player of a character that has such a tool must be invited to the group "iRoleplay - Walkie Talkie". For any kind of usage of the communication tools, this group must be used, which also means that there is only 1 channel and no encryption. Should a player be found using IM or any other group chats (especially non-iRoleplay groups) or similar to simulate the usage of telecommunication devices, it will be seen as metagaming or cheating. Walkie Talkies and similar means of telecommunication are solely available as rewards in Lead-Gamemaster events.
        Radio broadcasting stations are available on iRP/AC, yet their activity is restricted to players who offer a real audio stream of music to the community - there will be no "broadcasting by chat" in e.g. the IC group "iRoleplay".
      • Geiger Counter.
        Geiger Counters and similar means of finding out about the radiation levels of things are ultra rare, and especially valuable in New Seatown. Geiger Counters and similar means of finding out about the radiation levels of things are solely available as rewards in Lead-Gamemaster events.
    • Usage of excessively scripted items is forbidden on iRP/AC.
      Usage of excessive scripts is not permitted on iRP/AC. This applies to both attached and placed items.

    Player & Group Application Rules


    • Player character application & registration is simple: there is none.
      The character application process of iRP/AC is quick and simple: There is none, so...
      1. Create your character according to the theme of the sim and the above rules.
      2. Join the groups "iRoleplay" and "iRoleplay - OOC" (inviters are in the landing skybox).
      3. Go and roleplay.
    • Faction application is handled by Group Leaders. Multigrouping is not allowed, but group membership is optional.
      SL groups are provided by the Sim Owner, the style of the group is done by its members. Groups live in camps, and there are four preset camps on iRP/AC:
      1. New Seatown
      2. Rocktop
      3. The Orphanage
      To join a group that lives in any of these three camps (New Seatown, Rocktop, The Orphanage), meet up with its members to be introduced to their group officers or leaders for an invitation. Multigrouping is not allowed, so if a character wants to join another faction, they will need to leave the first before. If you do not meet any faction member, officer or leader, or there are currently none, please contact an admin about inviting you to the group.
      No character is forced to join a group/camp, they can as well remain neutral/independent survivors/wanderers.
      All groups are provided by the iRP/AC owner, player created SL groups are not allowed and will be seen as try to poach players, which is a bannable offense.
    • If you want to apply as Staff, contact an OOC Administrator.
      At times, staff positions get opened on iRP/AC, which will be announced in the OOC group. If you like to help out as staff member in such times, you can easily apply for it by a simple, informal IM to any one OOC Administrator. Please be sure to read, understand and fully accept the sim's vision, rules and lore before.

    Other Roleplay Rules


    • NPCs, pets, mounts & vehicles are allowed on iRP/AC under certain conditions.
      Players may use pets, mounts & vehicles under certain conditions:
      • NPCs.
        Player characters ("PC") may have Non-Player Characters ("NPC") with them, including pet NPCs, which serve the sole purpose of adding to the character's realism or the atmosphere of a scene. NPCs can only be normal humans or common pet animals and will never add any special skill or gear to a PC (e.g. scouts, weaponsmiths, etc.). Should for whichever reason an NPC accompany a PC, it must be made clear by e.g. a meter text And by incorporation of the NPC's presence into the emotes of the PC. NPCs are are no match to player characters who are free to react or attack them. NPCs can be one-shot killed without this attack even counting as full combat action - though it is advised to only "knock out" the NPCs to prevent drama.
        Special NPCs are camp/city guard NPCs which are considered noticeably stronger than PCs, and Event NPCs which are considered about as strong as a PC. These NPCs cannot be one shot killed.
      • NPC Pets.
        Sentient beings can never be NPC pets. If visualized, these pets must be avatar attached and not autofollowing. They can resemble realistic, non-mutated animals like dogs, cats, rodents, birds or small reptiles. These pets are never specifically trained beyond listening to basic commands (come, stay, follow, etc.) - they cannot be e.g. full attack, search or hunting/tracking dogs. In combat a pet will act as it normally would in the RL world.
      • Mounts & Vehicles.
        Riding mounts as well as driving ground based vehicles is allowed on iRP/AC. Flying, incl. jetpacks, jump boots, gliders, parachutes, is not allowed. Mounts may only be horses. Vehicles must fit the post apocalyptic atmosphere of the sim, i.e. look grungy, makeshift, dirty, damaged. As long as the mount or vehicle is avatar attached, there is no further requirement (except maybe to check if the looks are ok for the post apocalyptic theme). For vehicles that need to be rezzed and mounted, players can rent a vehicle pass, see chapter Rental Rules.

    Combat, Conflict & Consequences Rules


    • The pre-dominant Combat System on iRP/AC is FREEFORM.
      In iRP/AC combat is executed in free form roleplay. Fairness and realism here is the key. Players who let their characters always forced win, never take any damage, do not take damage taken serious, will eventually be ruled to have lost a battle by OOC Administrators in case of disputes.
    • IC actions can lead to IC consequences & the own RP limits are in the responsibility of each player themselves.
      The post apocalyptic times are harsh, outright brutal, merciless and unforgiving. There is no more police to protect anyone, no CSI to find a criminal by traces, and ethics to help are low. Brutality and/or force, be it physical, psycological and/or sexual, be it for a scene or longterm can and will happen to anyone, of any gender, race, religion, health status and faction affiliation.
      Each player is fully responsible for their own character's well being, the IC actions and the IC consequences those might bring upon their characters. This includes the responsibility to not have one's own "Roleplay Limits" breached. E.g. if a player holds RP Limits like "No Death", "No Rape", "No Slavery", "No Haircutting" or similar, they should go and/or stay where such will likely not happen to their characters. Respectively, if they get into a situation where such may happen anyways, they should let their character rather behave in a way these RP Limits are not being breached. IC options to try to get out of a dangerous situation are plenty, e.g. to offer the captor after-captivity help to infiltrate the captive's group camp or to tell the secret plan at gunpoint rather than being the bratty, hyper resistant hero captive, etc.. Success is advised to be accepted by respective RP partners (e.g. "captors") but not guaranteed, especially during tangible conflict.
      Also: If one's RP Limits states one limit that asks for a certain action not to be played out, a player must let the other player succeed with other means: Demanding "no humiliation, no death" as RP Limit, then though not responding to torture, rape, threat or manipulation or any other way, lesser than mutiliation/death in comparison, is bad style and not acceptable.
    • Reasonable Right to Live (unharmed) is in place.
      In favor of ongoing roleplay and stories, violence that leads to permanent, physically negative effects (dismemberment, mutilation, murder) is not allowed without valid and strong IC reasons. Those reasons include, but are not limited to, dealing with a captive who heroicly resists all ways of interrogation or threat, a death sentence for repeated or grave treason, violence or other capital IC crimes, etc.
      In general: No player needs to have their characters become ridiculous and bringing hollow threats because another plays an unrealistic superhero, hides behind RP Limits or does not take the realism of a scene, which is negative for their own character, serious.
      BUT: This also means that a player of a character who does not have such a strong reason must allow another character a way out, i.e. accept if the other character offers a way out that is strong enough to meet the death warranting prior action. "Hunting random human prey to murder" nor "Kill on Sight" are allowed, and being member of an opposing IC faction does not automatically qualify for such either.
    • Fade-To-Black ("FTB") is allowed.
      If a player is in the middle of a scene and finds themself unable to continue playing the scene, be it due to lack of playtime or due to concerns about the nature of the scene, the player can Fade-To-Black ("FTB"). FTB is not a voiding of a scene and no "get-out-of-jail card", but it stands for a fast-forward with all actions actually happening to a character without the details being visually nor actively played out. The results become part of the involved characters' history with all consequences. E.g. if a player FTBs a rape play, the rape counts as having happened to their character, it was just not played out / emoted / displayed. To FTB a player needs to IM the other involved player(s) and announce the wish to FTB. If FTB is announced, it must be accepted, and either the announcing and the other players agree on a progress of the scene or the other player(s) dictate what happened. The RRtLu (see above) has to be adhered to, no FTB may end in a character being killed or maimed, unless such play has begun clearly and relatively long before the FTB call.
      Voiding a scene is restricted to OOC Administrators.

    Rental Rules


    • Rentals are available to assist sim upkeep.
      iRP/AC has several character homes up for rent. The rental fee is seen as a donation towards the welfare of the sim, the proceeds only go into the operational costs for the sim.
    • Rentals are handled by the sim owner (violetta.daviau). Free rentals are reserved to her name.
      All rentals are handled by Topaz (violetta.daviau). Rentals that are open for taking, are reserved to her name to prevent "wild renting" (e.g. renting in opposing faction areas, renting by people not intending to roleplay on iRP/AC, etc.). If you find an available rental home you like to rent, do not hesitate to contact Topaz (violetta.daviau) to see if it is indeed free. Spots that have no rental box are not rentable, but temporary roleplay camps and shelters.
    • Rentals are only in faction camps and reserved for faction members.
      Rental spots are reserved for members of a faction so that enemies do not live in the camps of enemies. These factions are New Seatown, Rocktop and The Allies. "All others", i.e. independent/neutral wanderers have no rental options, but can use the so called temporary shelters for as long as they are not challenged about them or move on by own will. If a character changes factions between those 3 priorly stated factions, the rental in the old faction camp will be lost. In that case the remaining rental time will be reimbursed of course. If a rental spot in the new faction camp is open, the player can of course rent that for their character instead and have the remaining rent transfered.
    • Prices and LI allowances: 200 L$/week for 100 LI.
      Rentals allow players to build a home for their characters. The homes come with a set cost and LI allowance - altering either of that is not possible. Rentals cost 200 L$/week with 100 LI allowance. These figures will not be negotiated.
    • Vehicle Passes are available at 100 L$/week for 50 LI.
      Players can rent "vehicle passes" which will allow them to rez vehicles up to 50 LI - Not other items. This can be in addition to rented homes or on their own. Items placed under the condition of a vehicle pass need to be de-rezzed after usage or before the player logs off SL / leaves the sim, or will be returned by an OOC Administrator.
      The vehicle passes cost 100 L$/week with 50 LI allowance. Every vehicle rezzed must fit the post apocalyptic theme of the sim, i.e. look grungy, dirty, broken, makeshift, etc.. Else it can be any ground based (non-avatar attached) vehicle ranging from bicycles, over motorbikes or cars to trucks. If you want to know if your vehicle is ok for the sim, orientate yourself to media like "The Walking Dead", "The Last Of Us", or also the "Mad Max" series.