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Optional: Scavenging

Optional: Scavenging System




This simple scavenging system is optional for usage in iRP/AC. Players can use it at will to randomize their roleplays and enhance their immersion of lacking what might be used to solve challenges the "quick and easy way", i.e. to have at hand what they need in any given moment, in other words to enhance realism of the post apocalyptic rolepay.

The official iRP/AC Dice HUD is available in the landing hub of the sim. Only this iRP/AC Dice HUD may be used for any kind of dice rolls on iRP/AC. Usage of any other dice HUDs, prims or similar will be considered cheating.


Scavenging Basics


    • Scavenging Basics.
      A character may scavenge (read: roll for results) at max twice per RL day to prevent extreme item inflation. No one can scavenge in an inhabited camp, a rental home or a vehicle pass based vehicle (that would be theft instead).
    • How to scavenge.
      Scavenging is done in 2 to 3 steps: ...
      Step 1: Define the single item you are mainly looking for (e.g. food, or battery, or ammo, etc.. You can be looking for an item from the "Dice Roll 2: What do you find" list, or a single unit of something else. It just may not be anything listed under "event only items".
      Event only items are: Antibiotics, Narcotics, Contraceptives, Working High Tech, Walkie Talkie
      Step 2: Dice Roll 1: Define if you find anything or are you being found. For this you roll a normal roll (HUD Button "0"). The results are:
      - 100-100: You find 1 Unit of what you seek (Quality 1: intact)
      - 98-99: You find 1 Unit of what you seek (Quality 2: worn/dirty/bloody)
      - 95-97: You find 1 Unit of what you seek (Quality 3: rusted/damaged/slightly ripped)
      - 92-94: You find 1 Unit of what you seek (Quality 4: broken/ripped)
      - 88-91: You find 1 Unit of what you seek (Quality 5: destroyed/shredded/burned)
      - 86-87: You find 1 Unit of random item (Quality 1: intact, see list "Dice Roll 2: What do you find")
      - 81-85: You find 1 Unit of random item (Quality 2: worn/dirty/bloody, see list "Dice Roll 2: What do you find")
      - 76-80: You find 1 Unit of random item (Quality 3: rusted/damaged/slightly ripped, see list "Dice Roll 2: What do you find")
      - 69-75: You find 1 Unit of random item (Quality 4: broken/ripped, see list "Dice Roll 2: What do you find")
      - 61-68: You find 1 Unit of random item (Quality 5: destroyed/shredded/burned, see list "Dice Roll 2: What do you find")
      - 51-60: You find nothing, nothing happens
      - 41-50: You find nothing, but 1 Infected/Zombies (forest) or Raider Punks (city) show up
      - 31-40: You find nothing, but 3 Infected/Zombies (forest) or Raider Punks (city) show up
      - 21-30: You find Nothing, but 5 Infected/Zombies (forest) or Raider Punks (city) show up
      - 1-20: You find Nothing, but 8-10 Infected/Zombies (forest) or Raider Punks (city) show up
      Step 3: Dice Roll 2: Define the "something else" you found. Roll a simple default dice for that (HUD Button "0"). The results are:
      City Forest Category Item
      01-10 --- Raw materials fluid (raw oil, etc.)
      11-12 01-10 Raw materials solid (fire wood, dry OR coal (sack, 8kg), etc.)
      13-17 11-13 Construction parts (manufactured piece of iron/wood/plastic, crafted pane of glass)
      18-19 14 Chemical ingredients (components for drugs, poisons, etc.)
      20-22 15-16 Industrial parts (car parts OR bike parts OR plane parts OR engine parts OR machine parts OR electronical parts, etc.)
      23 17-18 Tool
      24-25 19 Ductape OR Rope OR Wire OR chain
      26-30 20 Lube Oil / Grease OR Gasoline
      31-32 21-24 Battery, full OR accumulator, full
      33-37 25-27 Ammunition, rifles OR ammunition, guns OR ammunition, arrow OR ammunition, bolt
      38-40 28-29 Weapon, ranged OR weapon, Melee
      41-45 30-31 Weapon, Makeshift OR random weapon part
      46-50 32 Military armor OR police armor OR medieval armor
      51 33 Security Equipment (Police, Handcuffs (with keys) OR nightvision, OR tear gas (3 uses), etc.)
      52-55 34-35 Medications, bandages OR Medications, band-aid
      56 36-37 Medications, antiallergics (10 uses) OR headache pills (5 uses) OR Medications, Iodine (3 uses) OR Medications, Day After Pill (1 use, 20% chance to succeed) OR Medications, Transgender Hormones (10 uses)
      57-58 38-39 Medications, Unknown (3 Uses)
      59-60 40-44 Piece of art OR Pre-Apoc Knick-Knack
      61 45-47 Empty container (jerrycan OR water canteen, etc.)
      62-63 48-50 Empty container (duffle bag OR suitcase OR backpack OR beltbag, etc.)
      64-65 51 Flashlight OR binocular OR compass
      66-67 52-56 Kitchen items, pans or pots OR Kitchen items, cutlery or dishes
      68-70 57-59 Blanket OR pillow OR towel OR sleeping bag OR tent, 2 persons
      71 60 Normal hygiene article (soap, 2 uses OR Toothbrush, etc.)
      72 61 Luxury hygiene artirce (perfume, women, 2 uses OR perfume, men, 2 uses OR makeup, etc.)
      73-75 62-66 Clothes/Upper, women OR Clothes/Upper, men OR Clothes/Lower, women OR Clothes/Lower, men OR Clothes/Underwear, women OR Clothes/Underwear, men OR Clothes/Feet, women OR Clothes/Feet, men
      76 67 Gasmask OR gasmask filter
      77 68 Goggles OR rebreather
      78 69 Pen, functional OR paper notebook, empty
      79 70 Map, Seattle & Surroundings OR Map, Elsewhere OR Map, World
      80 71 Money, US$ Bill(s) OR Money, US$ Coins OR Money, Foreign Bill(s) OR Money, Foreign Coins
      81-85 72-76 Magazine (Fashion) OR Magazine (Living) OR Magazine (Vacation) OR Magazine (Tech Store Commercials) OR Magazine (Weapons) OR Magazine (Cute Pets) OR Magazine (Views From Flying Planes) OR Magazine (Fine Meals)
      86 77-78 Magazine (Comic) OR Magazine (Porn) OR Magazine (BDSM)
      87 79-81 Book (novel) OR Book (scientific) OR Bible OR Quran OR Torah OR Book of Mormon
      88 82-84 Diary, Pre-Apoc OR Diary, Post-Apoc
      89 85-89 Toy for boys OR Toy for girls OR Toy for babies
      90 90 Lighter, full OR box of matches, full
      91-100 91-100 --- Other (ROLL AGAIN, TWICE)

      The categories are:
      Ⓖ: Gewgaw, Ⓢ: Scrap, Ⓐ: Ammunition, Ⓜ: Medications / Medical equipment,
      Ⓡ: Raw Resources / Materials, Ⓞ: Oil, Gasoline (a.k.a. Guzzoline), Ⓔ: Energysource,
      Ⓕ: Food, Ⓦ: Water,
      Ⓛ: Lifestock (living animal / living human), Ⓧ: Services (various)